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At the centre is the heart chakra, significant in establishing well balanced relationships. The signature rituals of Anahata based on chakra and crystal therapy stimulate the senses as they strengthen the vital energies by reducing stress and evoking a sense of total balance from inside out. 

Experience absolute calm with a unique range of color compositions from Altearah, using 100% organic products. Altearah Bio has formulated 14 health-giving essential oil color compositions chosen according to their effect. Color therapies are excellent for stress relief and trauma reduction.

Anahata Seven Chakras Crystal Massage 90 mins AED450

Chakra crystal massage incorporates the chakras through a variety of techniques and a combination of these techniques can leave the individual totally relaxed and clear focused. The technique involves using crystals and matching them with the corresponding chakras to achieve total body balance. 

Rock crystal for crown chakra 
Amethyst for third’s eye chakra 
Sodalite for throat chakra 
Rose Quartz for upper heart chakra 
Jade for heart chakra 
Calcite for navel chakra 
Aventurine for creative chakra 
Jasper for root chakra 
Tiger Eyes for hands 
Clear Quartz for activate other crystal