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Ascend to the third chakra centering on the solar plexus to enhance clarity of mind and self-confidence with professional Facial treatments, based on the concept of rejuvenation, balance and harmony of body with mind. 

Anahata offers a number of facial treatments designed to facilitate and regulate the immune system, reduce ageing symptoms and relieve the stress of modern living. Most facials typically involve massage, which helps the facial muscles relax and slows the onset of facial wrinkles. Massage also aids in the renewal of skin cells and the reduction of sagging and puffiness. Treatment includes Elemis, the number one British Skin Care brand that brings together the power of nature, science and aromatics with formulations that are designed to dynamically treat the skin with powerful results.

Our professional skin care consultant can advise you on the correct skin care treatment and products to use for your daily routine. 
Express Facial                                                       30 mins                           AED 120   

Designed for those who do not have the luxury of time. Your skin is cleansed, lightly exfoliated and moisturized to provide a quick-fix to those who need a nice glow and radiance.

Elemis Advanced Anti-Ageing Facials 

Elemis Advanced Anti-Ageing Facials ensure the perfect skin maintenance, using exceptional skin conditioning plant actives to deeply cleanse the face, renewing radiance and stimulating the skin for long-lasting, proven results. Each superior treatment is further enhanced by a luxurious hand and arm massage and de-stress scalp treatment for the ultimate in scientific skin-therapy.  

Express Facial                                                        30 mins                           AED120

Designed for those who do not have the  luxury of time. Your skin is cleansed, lightly exfoliated and moisturized to provide a quick-fix to those who need a nice glow and radiance. 

Pro Collagen Quartz Lift Facial                                    75 mins                          AED 550   

An Anti-wrinkle facial which is clinically proven to reduce the number of wrinkles by up to 94% and improve skin firmness by up to 57% after just one treatment. Specialized lifting massage, combined with proven marine extract, Padina Pavonica, helps re-energize cell communication and rejuvenate skin. 

Visible Brilliance Facial                                               75 mins                            AED 570   

A pre-occasion treatment, this offers desirable results in treating stressed and slackened skin. It helps to firm, rejuvenate and plump up the skin, while reducing dark circles from around the eye contour. Moisture levels of the skin are proven to increase by up to 61% and elasticity by 40% after just one treatment. Designed to revive the skin and restore radiance.

The Modern Skin Facial                                             75 mins                            AED 450

A de-stressing and purifying treatment ​that ​helps remove damaging toxins, regenerate skin cells and balance sebum. The exceptional results are remineralized, rebalanced and renewed skin​.​ 

Elemis Skin Specific Facials

Customized to your skin type, this facial combines skin conditioning plant actives, a prescribed mask and unique eastern facial massage techniques. Your face is deeply cleansed to help renew radiance, nourish and balance skin.

Elemis Fruit Active Glow                                        60 mins                           AED 375   

Skin is deeply cleansed and stimulated by special Eastern massage techniques, as powerful skin conditioning actives nourish and renew vital radiance helping to bring back the glow.       

Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair                               60 mins                          AED 375   

This facial helps to heal and repair oily and congested skin by deep cleansing and drawing out skin impurities. It helps reduce unwanted shine, refine the pores and treat skin breakouts and restores skin balance.

Elemis Exotic Moisture Dew                                     60 mins                            AED 375

Treat your skin to a moisture boost. Your skin is fed with thirst-quenching actives to bring back that healthy dewy look to the skin.