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This is the pleasure chakra known as Svadisthana referring to ‘sweetness’. It is located a few fingers' width inferior to the navel. After your basic needs are met, you can move out into the world to explore with the five senses and discover the joy of being and appetite for life. The second chakra enables to explore the world around us through a harmony of deep to medium pressure body zone massages customized to suit your personal wellbeing, these relaxing, soothing and deeply healing signature massage therapies promote a sense of wellbeing by encouraging blood circulation and lymphatic flow as well as improving muscle tone and skin texture. These are especially beneficial in states of change such as pregnancy or childbirth. 

Signature therapies involve selected natural herbs to release the tension, revive the balance and revitalize body systems to evoke a state of ultimate bliss. 

Anahata Signature Body Indulgence

Body Scrub 30/60mins AED180/280

Our body scrubs and body polish are customized to skin types and help to remove dead cells, stimulate circulation, detoxify and leave a naturally healthy and radiant skin. Scrubs can be taken individually and are highly recommended before a body massage for better absorption of the treatment oil. 

Relaxing Massage 60/90mins AED280/380

From the soles of your feet to the crown of your head, the power of this ancient healing touch creates sensations of pleasure and wellness to deeply heal your mind and body, whilst soothing your soul. Unwind or ease your tired muscles with a blend of organic rose oil, our very own signature massage oil. Designed to keep you relaxed and re-energized after a day’s work.

Pregnancy Massage 60/90mins AED350/400

Based on traditional Thai or Indian massage techniques, this is customized to suit the specific requirements of the mother-to be. They are given by specially trained therapists using natural oils proven for effectiveness and safety, and focusing on areas which are of concern to pregnant women, such as lower back, shoulders and legs as well as areas prone to stretch marks. 

Traditional Thai Reflexology 30/60mins AED200/300

Traditional Post-natal Thai Therapy & Massage 120mins AED525

Dubbed as a “lazy man’s yoga, this is performed on a traditional Thai floor mattress so the therapist can use her body weight to provide a deeper level of pressure and manipulate the body in yoga-like stretches and a gentle rocking motion. It helps to loosen joints, stretch muscles and tone the internal organs and balance the energy channels in the body. 

Traditional Thai Hot Herbal Poultice Massage 90mins AED450

The massage with a heated herbal pouch deeply penetrates into the body, relieving tension, releasing stressed muscles, improving blood circulation creating a deep sense of relaxation and detoxification. Drink plenty of water and rest after the treatment. 

Traditional Thai Reflexology 30/60mins AED150/280

Deep pressure is massaged on to the nerve reflexes in the foot to correspond to all major organs of the body by stimulating the numerous pressure points on the feet. This releases blockages and restores a smooth flow of energy or Qi evoking a healthy, balanced and harmonious body and mind.

Traditional Healing Back Massage & Thai Foot Reflexology 90mins AED400

An excellence choice of treatment after long journey, jetlag, and tension relieve. The treatment start with the back massage by using acupressure technique. After that follow with the heat therapy by thai herbal compress. Then boost up your organ function by thai foot reflexology. 

Traditional Post-natal Thai Therapy & Massage 120mins AED500

Recommended Course 6-day Package 1 month after Normal Birth and 3 months after Caesarian section

Ideal to help reverse the stress and skin fatigue and hasten overall mental and physical recovery, the treatment starts with breathing exercises to balance the mind and body followed by a herbal sauna inside a traditional Thai Sauna Tent. 19 essential sauna herbs help to improve blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, body aches, relieve muscle numbness and inflammation, improve sleep and maintain healthy skin. The treatment is completed by a customized massage using selected oils focusing on the slackened and stretch-marked skin around the abdomen, hips and thighs to smooth, firm and lift it. Deep and relaxing massage technique is performed to detoxify and release post-natal body ache. 

Hammam Treatments

Hammam, the name given to the sensual bathing retreat that evolved over thousands of years ago literally means ‘the spreader of warmth’. Our signature Hammam is designed to be more of a therapeutic experience by combining exfoliation, steam and cool water and enlivens the experiences of the natural hot springs of Turkey, Tunisia, Spain, and Morocco. The Hammam is a useful and pleasant practice both in winter and summer as it relieves, relaxes, refreshes and rejuvenates the body. 

The well chosen organic product ranges used for our Hammam treatment is developed and produced in Karraketh, near Atlas Mountains. It embodies all the secrets of wellbeing and beauty from Morocco. 

Arabian Bath Ritual 50mins AED200

The traditional steam bath ritual begins with a vigorous exfoliation with black soap taken over every inch of the body, using a traditional “Loofah”, leaving your skin smooth and silky. Entrust yourself in the care of our Tunisian masseur to rejuvenate your skin and stimulate your tired muscles. 

Complete Arabian Bath Ritual 90mins AED400

Resting, fully relaxed on a marble slab, the treatments starts with the traditional deep cleansing with black soap. Followed by henna and lemon and completed by a body and facial scrub scented with mint and mixed with rose water leaving your skin smooth and silky. 

Royal Bath Ritual 120mins AED600

This traditional deep cleansing treatment uses the Moroccan black soap, followed by henna and lemon and a complete body scrub, a traditional body wrap with the natural eucalyptus scented ‘Ghassoul’ together with green clay facial mask and completed by a relaxing massage on a marble slab.