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The first chakra is muladhara, which denotes the ‘root’. This chakra, at the base of the spine at the sacrum, is the foundation of the entire system and relates to basic human needs and sense of security and survival. It is what enables an individual to adjust to an unfamiliar environment. Focus on the first chakra whenever you are stressed, traveling, juggling too many things, feeling overwhelmed, or just need a sense of security or being on firm ground.

Pre Treatment Consultation and Color Therapy Consultation

Ayurveda believes that every one of us is unique and there are no standard prescriptions or programs. The treatment is based on a careful scrutiny of your lifestyle, your medical history, your needs, your likes and dislikes. The prescribed plan includes treatments that are administered by our trained Indian therapists using traditional blend of oils and herbs. This consultation is extremely important for deciding the ideal lifestyle program for you according to your individual Dosha of Vata, Pitta, or Kapha. It is mandatory that every guest has a consultation with the Ayurveda physician before commencing any treatment program of 7, 14 or 21 days.

Ayurvedic Nutritional Counseling 45mins AED80

As part of a holistic nutritional consultation, a detailed nutritional plan is drawn up with recommendations. The physician will determine which foods are best suited to your constitution and what you should avoid for specific weight loss and health.