? Welcome to anahata SPA
Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the Oriental way of living and wellbeing. We integrate the Oriental science and wisdom of ancient Ayurveda, Chakra balancing and traditional Thai medicine and herbal treatments with aromatherapy using essential oils from plants to revive the body to a state of balance leading to physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It is believed that while Western medicine treats the symptoms Oriental medicine treats the root causes. Accordingly, we use natural organic substances such as herbs, spices, extracts, essential oils and plant oils which can nourish the tissues and stimulate our inner energy, while totally avoiding synthetic chemicals which can affect the systems adversely immediately or in the long run.

Massage, Thai or Aromatherapy, Chakra and Crystal balancing, complemented by tranquility with the inner self in the form of a ritual bath or meditation have proven to be extremely effective to stimulate a sense of wellbeing, ensure youthful appearance, greater vitality and disease resistance. These constitute the fundamentals of our holistic approach to health, beauty and wellbeing.