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Welcome to Anahata, to an incomparable experience of beauty, health and holistic wellbeing. Unravel the perfect harmony between man and nature, leading the way to physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Based on the centuries old concept of seven chakras Anahata integrates the Oriental wisdom of Ayurveda, the concept of the seven wheels of wellbeing, traditional Thai medicine and herbal treatment with aromatherapy to ensure holistic management for wellness of all body systems in a most modern ambience.

Anahata Wellness Retreat offers the benefits of time-trusted therapies, evolving them to suit the pace of contemporary lifestyles. Our signature experiences are designed specifically for women and children as Shakti and Mimi.

Ayurvedic tradition recognizes seven main chakras, which are junctions between consciousness (mind) and matter (body) and which link the various aspects of what makes us human: our physical, energetic, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual selves. Focusing on this energy system helps you to move towards perfect balance of these aspects and attain the state of all round wellbeing. Anahata is the heart of this life energy system unlocked ages ago in the Orient by sages.

Think of health as being on a continuum. Depending on your diet, exercise, stress levels, emotional states, and many other factors, you are either moving toward greater health or away from it. "Closed" or "imbalanced" qualities of the chakras are on one end of a health continuum and "open" or "balanced" qualities are on the other end.