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Axe your waxing pain

Silvia Radan
23 March 2013
Painless waxing services are the latest addition to Anahata, the one-year-old spa already making a splash with its Seven Chakra consultations and massages

Painless waxing is something that would make most women — and some men too — raise an eyebrow in disbelief. Yet, this is what Lydia Jordane, CEO and founder of Lycon Cosmetics, promised with her new waxing products demonstration at Anahata beauty salon in Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa City.

The salon celebrated its one year anniversary last week and it did so with some hair removing party.

“It’s hard to believe that it is painless waxing, but that is why you have to try,” said Jordane.

“The trick is in the quality of waxing, in the pre-waxing oil and the technique of removing the wax,” she added.

Jordane flew specially from Australia, the land of her home and business, to specially introduce her waxing products to Anahata.

“I’m originally from Macedonia and we are not allowed to use wax to remove hair there. I had such hairy legs, though, and I didn’t want to shave as it makes hair grow more and I didn’t want to use depilatory creams as they irritate and don’t work well,” she explained.

“I read about waxing in some American magazines and I went to library to read books about how to make wax. When I started making my first wax I was only 17 years old.”

She soon moved to Australia and in 1978 Jordane opened her Lycon cosmetics company. Today, her waxing products are used in salons and spas in 45 countries, the UAE included.

“So who wants to try it first?” asked Jordane.

Ghada was the first to stand up from her Emirati friends to brave the experience.

“Is it painful? Does it hurt?” kept on asking her friends.

Layer after layer of different types of wax was placed on her lower part of her legs and Ghada just smiled: “No, it isn’t!”

As she kept on applying the fragrant waxes, each mixed with different aromas, Jordane explained which wax was best for which type of hair.

“Strip wax is the most economical and best for large areas, while hot wax is excellent for sensitive areas and short hair. Lycojet is ideal on clients who have recently shaved and it can be applied up to six times on the same area without irritation. Lycon Film and Hybrid hot wax is made from high-tech new generation of raisins that never breaks; it’s economical and perfect for sensitive areas,” explained Jordane.

Waxing services are the latest addition to Anahata, the one-year-old spa already making a splash with its Seven Chakra consultations and massages.

The vision of a young Emirati entrepreneur, Shamma Nasser Al Nowais, Anahata is pioneering wellness programmes that focus on a holistic approach to physical and mental wellbeing and with expert guidance that enables a lifestyle, which is not only healthy but enjoyable as well.

The concept is inspired by the time-trusted philosophy of Seven Chakras, propounded by the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda. In Sanskrit, the word Anahata means the heart chakra, the centre of balance between the body, mind and soul through the various energy levels in accordance with the Chakra principle, helping the individuals to unleash their own life energies and realize the true state of wellbeing as they ascend the different energy levels.

“A personal tragedy in my family led me to holistic medical treatments. After meeting my first business partner, we opened our first spa together, Sharanis Wellness Spa. After I took it over, I discovered that our receptionist was actually a trained Ayurveda doctor,” said Al Nowais.

After re-branding the spa Anahata, she re-opened it last year with all new holistic treatments. The Seven Chakra treatment itself begins with a consultation based on colour skims and oil perfumes. Clients are asked to pick randomly four colours out of a pack, which subconsciously are related to their moods and emotions. Each of these colours represent a chakra, located in a key part of the body and by picking it suggests that something in that particular area of the body is not quite right.

After establishing which area of the body needs particular attention, the therapist will perform a crystal stone massage, meant to heal the body and bring balance between the physical part and the emotional one.

To reach wellbeing, several sessions are required, along with an individual diet.

“When I did it, I had to go on a vegetarian diet. I stopped eating meat for one year and I felt great. I also had to follow an exercise programme, but nothing strong like gym machines. I lost more weight than I expected and I kept on loosing weight after I stopped. It was worth it,” claims Al Nowais.

Apart from Anahata, she also opened Mimi, a spa for children, named after her daughter, Mariam. It is more of a fun place for girls, where they get to be treated like princesses with a bit of massage, kids’ nail polish, but also more serious treatments for teenagers such as acne ones.

Next step for Al Nowais, who runs the spa with her sisters and her latest partner, Lydia Jordane, is to diversify with two new branches, Shiva and Shakti, the later being a spa for men.