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Suki Facial at Anahata Spa, Abu Dhabi • LINA

Lina Waled
10 March 2015

I was invited to the Anahata Spa in Abu Dhabi to try out the ever-so-famous Suki Brightening Facial and LOVED it!

The Suki product line is one of the most loved skin care brand by celebrities. Courtney Cox, Gennie Garth and Eva Longoria are HUGE “Sukifans”.

Its all-natural and synthetic-free ingredients make it one of the best natural skin care lines in the world. The products were developed by a lady named Suki in her own kitchen because she hadn’t been able to find the right skin care for herself.

The Anahata Spa

The ambience at the Anahata Spa is amazing. I was escorted to a dimly-lit large suite that looked more like a royal bedroom, furnished with wooden furnishings, that immediately made it feel like I was right at home. One glass of cold iced tea to refresh and a change into a bathrobe and I was given a skin assessment.

The Skin Assessment

I was told that my skin was dehydrated. Underneath the eyes, puffiness was starting (although I don’t see it) and there is a tiny bit of discoloration starting at my cheeks from being in the sun. Going to the beach only magnifies the problem, and staring at the computer all day doesn’t help the eye puffiness!

Once you lie down, you’re covered in a towel, calm music playing in the background, and you’re given sort of a gentle squeeze to relax you.

The lady who did my facial was so sweet and calm, I immediately felt at ease and everything I had been thinking about disappeared.

There are 7 steps to the Suki facial:
Cleansing with the Transformative Cleansing Clay
Exfoliating with the Foaming Cleanser
Peeling with the Renewal Bio-Resurfacing Facial Peel
Brightening Masque with the Intensive Nourishing Masque with Brightening Complex
Targeted Bio-Brightening Face Serum
Massage with a Brightening Moisturizer and eye lifting cream

My favorite part of the entire process is #5 – once the Masque is on, you get an incredible shoulder and neck massage. She pressed all of the right places where there were knots I wasn’t even aware of!

To get great skin, maintenance is crucial. Depending on the condition of your skin, you should – ideally – go in for a boost once every month or so.

In UAE weather, it’s very important that we maintain our skin care routines because being outside in the heat and humidity – then blasting the AC takes its toll on us.

Drink lots of water, laugh as much as you can, drink green tea, and sleep well.

The treatment is one hour and costs 350AED. The SUKI products are available at the Anahata Spa in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi.