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No deep thinking required at Seven Chakras Crystal Massage

Helena Frith Powell
March 31, 2012

You would expect the first holistic wellness retreat in Abu Dhabi to focus on the mind as well as the body, and that is just what my massage at Anahata did. The spa that promises a combination of physical, mental and emotional well-being officially opens today but I had a sneak preview this week. I lay down in a room that looked like one the White Witch might live in, in a benign way. It was all white and just ever so slightly off-white. The effect of this was to immediately relax me.

My therapist told me that the first step was to ascertain how freely my chakras are flowing by laying crystals in strategic spots over my head and body. By the time she came back to start the massage, I was fast asleep, but thankfully I woke up in time to enjoy a truly amazing massage that combined hot smooth crystals, oil and hand pressure. I was told that my body chakras are all fine, but my crown chakra is blocked. "Too much thinking," said my therapist. So I am planning some return visits soon to take my mind off things.