? Welcome to anahata SPA
Hey little princesses, feel pride about the purity and beauty of your youthful years. Gain confidence to grow up with grace. Mimi, the exclusive children’s spa at Anahata has signature treatments that harmonize the secret of the seven chakras and other time-tested natural treatments for you.
Come! Discover a new world of beauty and wholesome wellbeing with us.
Ayurvedic Puberty Balance (10 – 15 years) 2Hrs AED 350
It is essential care for that inevitable period. It will help you to come to terms with that facet of development, relieve confusion and gain confidence. This special treatment includes a herbal body scrub and herbal bath followed by a light body massage, a hair treatment and a teen facial, along with a confidence boosting homecare skin care program.
Mimi Massages (5-12 years)
Elemis Wellbeing Massage 30 Mins AED 120
From the soles of the feet to the crown of your head this is a unique touch that pleases the body and soothes the soul as it enhances the awareness of wellbeing. This ancient massage with the finest grade carrier oils extracted from the Japanese Camellia flower blended with sweet almond oil is both nourishing and relaxing.
Mimi Aromatic Massage by Altearah 30 Mins AED120
Perfect pampering for you. It will introduce you to the pleasures of massage, as it relieves stress and ensures physical and mental vitality. It is the right way to start off to a healthy adult life.
Mimi Body indulgence (5-12 years)
Elemis Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap 30Mins AED120
You will enjoy this touch of exotic Tahitian magic for body and soul. Coconut and frangipani flowers are soaked together to produce the scented oil Monoi, which will soothe, condition and soften the skin in a comfortable foil wrap.
Chocolate Fondue Wrap 15Mins AED80
If you love chocolate, discover a healthier way to enjoy it. This treatment is unique with natural indulgences: prime pressed cocoa butter, French cocoa absolute, chocolate extract and pure cocoa powder and includes a sugar scrub and chocolate wrap. It ensures extra hydration and nourishment with plant based oils and other hydrating ingredients. Natural lactic acid improves skin fairness, toning and firming while spicy cinnamon oil improves circulation and metabolism. Just watch your skin come alive!
Chocolate Fondue Body Scrub 15 Mins AED80
Get more out of your chocolate passion with this anti-oxidant body scrub with a combination of cocoa extract and butter together with apricot beads. It invigorates as it exfoliates, leaving your skin fresh and naturally glowing while natural lactic acid, herbal oils and other dehydrating ingredients moisturizes, smoothens and firms the skin. Warm and spicy cinnamon oil stimulates circulation and aids metabolism.

Mimi Hammam Experience by AMYS (5-12 years)

The sensuous beauty baths of Morocco are here for you, promising an experience beyond words. They use the finest natural ingredients form AMYS organic product range for the best results.
Mimi Arabian Ritual 50Mins AED190
Enjoy the traditional Arabian steam bath with a gentle exfoliation with black soap. Exhilarate with a light massage with Aragan and Jasmine massage oil by experts and leave your skin moisturized with organic body milk.

Organic Facial (5-15 years) 45Mins AED220

Your face is your fortune and needs this skincare treatment with a thorough cleansing and toning of the skin, a gentle mask and a facial massage.
Y:Skin Facial by Nimue (12-15 years) 45Mins AED 250
You have to grow up with acne but take it easy. We have facials specially formulated to take care of congestion and acne breakouts. Regular, correct treatment guarantees rapid improvement and restoration of skin to its glowing, naturally healthy look.
S.O.S Purifying Facial by Elemis (12-15 years) 45Mins AED300
Oily or congested skin bothering you? An effective purifying face and eye treatment will easily take care of them.
Mimi Grooming Indulgence
Good grooming makes growing up such fun and good feeling. Mimi has programs designed to make you feel special.
Princess Manicure or Pedicure (up to 10 years old) 25Mins AED40
Colorful Princess Package 75Mins AED150
Application of selected nail color for hands and feet, mini massage for hands, feet, neck & shoulder, creative nail stickers, colored hair extensions and natural makeup application
Fruit Smoothie Manicure 60Mins AED90 – French: Additional 15 Minutes AED20
Our Fruit Smoothie Manicure includes a soothing soak, followed by a scrub, mask and massage using a blend of fruit extracts from papaya, pineapple, mango and mandarin. This provides alpha hydroxyl acids which are excellent for skin whitening, firmness, and exfoliation and helps to balance natural pH level. Natural charcoal scrub does not strip skin of its moisture. Aromatic blend of grapefruit, mandarin, and orange oils offer a fruity feel. Grapefruit oil has anti-cellulite properties and reduces water retention while mandarin and orange calm the soul.
Signature Spa Manicure & Pedicure
Manicure 30 Mins AED45
Pedicure 30 Mins AED45
Polish Change 20 Mins AED30
Nail Art design AED10 per nail
Nail Accessories AED10 per nail
Mimi Altearah Color Therapy Manicure & Pedicure
Color Therapy Manicure 30 Mins AED70
Color Therapy Pedicure 30 Mins AED70
Hair therapy Treatments
Kids Hair Cut AED 60
Bang Trim AED 45
Blow Dry AED 60
Hair Styles AED 60 - 150
French Braid
Whole Head Braiding
Princess Hair Styles
Evening Styles
Celebrity Styles
Flat Iron and Curling
Hair Accessories
Kids Highlights Using Great Lengths
Mimi Spa Design
Very special for a very special time in life. You can let your hair down at these exclusive parties with your own kind, and get lost in world, all of your own.
Teen Coming of Age Spa Party - 4 to 8 Persons (13 to 20 yrs)
3 Hrs AED 600 per Person
*Wellness Yoga Session
*Relaxing Back Massage
*Skin Specific Taster Facial with scalp massage
*Express Manicure & Pedicure with a choice of 4 nail art design
*Colored fine Hair strings
Birthday Cake, Canapés & Refreshments
Little Princess Spa Birthday Party - 4 to 8 Persons (12 to16yrs)
2 Hrs AED400 per Person
*Wellness Yoga Session
*Face Cleanse & Mask
*Mini Neck & Shoulder Massage
*Nail Polish Application for Hands & Feet with 4 nail art prints
*Colored Hair Strings Extensions
*Make-Up Application
Birthday Cake, Canapés & Refreshments
Dress as Characters
Live your special fantasies here. Unleash your imagination and turn yourself into your dream character. Mimi Boutique has an extensive choice of characters with costumes, matching accessories, hairstyles and make up.
Mimi Well-Being Program
Healthy & Chicly Classes
Hatha Yoga /Pilates/Belly Dance/Zumba Dance/Hip Hop
1 Hour – per Class – AED75
10 classes Package – AED500
Meditation Classes
3 sessions AED160 - 60 Minutes per Session