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            Root chakra is the foundation of the entire system and relates to basic human needs and sense of security and survival. Begin to feel confident, stable and physically alive as you tap into your own renewable energy via a balanced root chakra.

                Anahata offers a range of nails treatment that is ultimate in indulgence using natural products with professional attention that will provide aesthetic benefit for your well-being.

Nail Services

Basic Manicure 45mins

AED 45

Basic Pedicure 45mins

AED 50

Spa Manicure 60mins

AED 80

Spa Pedicure 60mins

AED 90

With French Polish 15mins

AED 20

Polish Change 20mins

AED 30

Salt of the Earth Spa Manicure& Pedicure (includes hand and foot mask)

SOE Spa Manicure 75mins

AED 130

SOE Spa Pedicure 75mins

AED 150

Gel Polish

Gellish Manicure 75mins

AED 120

Gellish Pedicure 75mins

AED 120

EVO Breathable Gellish Manicure 75mins

AED 120

EVO Breathable Gellish Pedicure 75mins

AED 120

Bio Sculpture Manicure 120mins

AED 160

Bio Sculpture Pedicure 120mins

AED 180

Soak Off- Gel Polish with Spa Manicure 60mins

AED 100

Acrylic & Gel Nails Enhancement

Dip and Buff Acrylic 75mins

AED 160

Acrylic/ Gel Enhancement 120mins

AED 330

French Acrylic/ Gel Enhancement Overlay 120mins

AED 360

Acrylic/ Gel Refill 120mins

AED 190

French Acrylic/Gel Refill 120mins

AED 190

Acrylic /Gel Enhancement Removal with Manicure 75mins

AED 100

Acrylic /Gel Repair per Nail 15mins

AED 40

Add on Treatments

Parafin for hands 15mins

AED 50

Parafin for Feet 15mins

AED 60

Callus Treatment 15 mins

AED 30

Callus Removal with Scrub 30mins

AED 80